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List of Archived newsVETTErs:

From the First Decade:

From the Second Decade:

As of the end of 2008, the club has elected to discontinue production of the newsVETTEr, rather opting to post Officer Reports and the Minutes on this webpage.

Contact the club via snail mail to: USA-1 CC, Post Office Box 1381, State College, PA 16804.

  • PRESIDENT Dick Haines
  • VICE PRESIDENT Dale Miller
  • GOVERNOR Jeff Port
  • TREASURER Jane Young
  • MEMBERSHIPMarty Specht
  • SECRETARY Ginny Brungart
  • Social Committee None

newsVETTEr is the official newsletter of the USA ONE Corvette Club, a non-profit private association of Corvette owners. Material printed within has been selected and reviewed by the club newsletter editor. There’s no guarantee in accuracy and completeness of the information published within.

Members and other readers are invited to submit comments on articles published in newsVETTEr. This newsletter is published 11 months a year, January through November. Members may advertise in the Vette Swappers column for free. Advertisements in the business card display are $20.00 per card for one year.

The club was formed in March, 1983 to increase the enjoyment of owning and operating a Corvette, through sharing of information and experience of it’s members. Since the Corvette is considered a high performance sports car, the club also seeks to educate owners as to performance capabilities, as well as to improve owners driving skills.

The clubs monthly social/business meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00p.m. Any interested person(s) are welcome to attend, membership is not a prerequisite to attendance. Membership fees are – $45.00 for the first year, $35.00 for each following year. Spouse memberships are available at $15.00 per year, however there must be a related primary member. Enrollment opportunities are available throughout the year.

Post Office Box 1381
State College, PA 16804

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